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Does anyone have suggestions for books to read about getting


Does anyone have suggestions for books to read about getting past breakups and divorce?
I love to read and the book I have read so far was really helpful, looking for more.
Thank you.

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Nov 9

@Scat I don't agree with everything that Jordan Peterson says, but overall the book has been great for me, I always come back to it

Hopeandjoy's picture
Nov 9

@eddie1975 love all those books. I read every marriage and self help book I could get my hands on over 31 years. I think the one that made the biggest difference in my marriage was Love and Respect.

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Nov 12

@Hopeandjoy That book looks really good. By Dr. Emerson Eggerichs? Women look for love, men look for respect. That sounds right considering all the other books I've read. I think I'm a little bit strange though and lean a little more toward love myself though. I want a woman to love me unconditionally no matter what stupid things I do because that's the kind of love I give.


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