Divorced for almost 5 years after my wife cheated with my be

Divorced for almost 5 years after my wife cheated with my best friend, my only daughters best friend's dad, 23 years of marriage, 27 years together....

I met a nice women approx 4 years ago, been together since, bought a house together.....
she has one daughter almost the same age as mine, 23 and mine is 21....
My daughter is doing very well in college, her daughter dropped out 4 tears ago in her first semester...
My GF is widowed for 10 years from medical related death of her husband....

Here is the problem, there is always a constant comparison of daughters....your daughter is better than mine from her, also she doesn't understand the infidelity/divorce mindset I have to go through.... she hates my ex and despises her to the point I should never have to communicate with her, but I do for my daughter's college expenses...
I don't think I will ever marry again, I just can't see myself doing that ever again, not after the pain I went through.....
Maybe I should just be single and alone......IDK
Life sucks!

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Feb 20

@phdchick I don't think baggage is always bad. I sort of like it when someone knows themselves and has some life experience. It's so much more attractive to me than that 19 year old nit wit I met all those years ago who I wound up marrying. I think baggage gives us character. I also don't believe there are perfect people, only people with perfect intentions.

Feb 20

@Jenn4473 Until you meet in person I don't think you're going to fully be able to pick up on the vibe - or if you really can form a connection with that person. But considering what traditional dating looks like - now you can basically read someone's dating resume (of course, we leave off past experience for the most part lol) - before meeting them for a brief date to see if the vibe is there.

I don't speak from experience myself though - just what I envision it being like. I keep hearing that sex on the first date is incredibly popular nowdays and that creeps me out a bit. What's the hurry?

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17 hours ago

Yeah, it must be, my wife had sex on her first date with the guy she only met on a cheater's website. It didn't matter what the guy looked like. This guy was a fat ugly turd. She had it in her mind that she was gonna have sex with someone, I guess.


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