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Day 7 of no contact to my stbxw is almost complete (currentl

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Day 7 of no contact to my stbxw is almost complete (currently 20:44 as of typing) and I am feeling pretty good. I remember when I first tried this in the first few weeks and months of our split. I failed. BIG TIME! I was needy, repetitive and I was the one apologising for her actions! If I could rewind time and go back to April (when me and my wife split) I would slap myself so hard, I would have concussion haha!

What I'm trying to get to here is don't be like me. Put yourself first and do it as soon as you can. 7 days into no contact again, my record stands at 22 days before she messaged me with some trivial nonsense that I helped her with, and I am feeling good. Keep reminding yourself that you are better then this person and that you are going to get through this. I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend if I dont use this site at all. Take it easy guys!

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Nov 8

I agree, I think no contact is the way to go. It is so much easier to be alone than deal with all the stress and drama.

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Nov 9

@LivingNightmare 8.33am, day 9 and still currently find myself happy and have no urge to contact her. It's funny because I would panic about the days and sit there staring at my phone. Now, I just go about the day how I used to when I was single, as I am now. It's funny to think of the person I was when we first split. The emotional, needy guy who would send text after text trying to talk to her and being ignored. Thank God I'm not him anymore. I don't even find myself saying anything negative out loud about her to myself anymore. It's weird but it's a good type of weird!

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Nov 9

@JamieGoodrum great!! Keep it up.


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