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Anyone have activities or things they wanted to learn or do

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Anyone have activities or things they wanted to learn or do that they didn't do when with the ex but now can? Anyone moving to a new area they always wanted to live in but couldn't when with the ex? Anything you are enjoying more now that ex isn't around? Like putting the room temperature where you want it? Anything about your ex you are not missing at all? Like manufactured drama or a bad habit you hated being around or something else?

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Dec 1

@Barb4514 Exactly....also people change...maybe they were who we thought they were...I don't know anything anymore.

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Dec 1

@JamieGoodrum I actually get really mad at those pillows. I'm a super patient person but not anymore with throw pillows. My new rule is, if I'm the one cleaning I'm not straightening those things a couple times a day. Although, I can't just throw them away. So I take them and squish them behind the couch, under the couch, anywhere where I can't see them.
I suppose if they were neatly on the couch, I'd leave them alone. But, they are never in their respective places.

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Dec 2

@Karinah my experience of the pillows will never be tolerated again haha. It drove me insane but I put up with it because she liked it and I loved her so what ever made her happy, made me happy.


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