Another step taken. While I was on my scouting trip I visit

Another step taken. While I was on my scouting trip I visited 3 apartment complexes. The first one, I really liked. I spoke with several tenants and they said they were happy and that management was responsive to complaints. But when I talked to one of the people from the Internet about this apartment complex I was told it was in an area with a lot of crime. I checked it out and it does have a lot of crime, and they would only accept a year lease, so I removed it from my list.

The second apartment is a gated community. It also received good reviews from the tenants I spoke with. The apartment I saw looked comfortable. The problem is that they only have apartments available on the 2nd floor and I am elderly and concerned about carrying heavy groceries across the parking lot and up a flight of stairs. I was hesitant to commit to this complex.

The third apartment is also a gated community. I drove around it when I followed a tenant's car in. The leasing office was closed due to Covid. There were no tenants walking around to ask about the complex. However, it receives good reviews online. It has a ground floor unit and will accept a 9 month lease. I decided to rent this apartment.

I spent Thursday night telling myself that I need to do this, that putting off getting an apartment will not change the fact that the divorce is going to happen, that I need to be an adult and face my fears and not let them paralyze me. I need to face the fact that I can control my future, but I cannot control my stbx' actions and decisions.

Times have changed and rental applications are filled out online these days. I spent yesterday doing that. I forgot to unfreeze my credit report so I was denied. I sent an email to the leasing office letting them know I had forgotten to unfreeze my credit report and the emailed response was very kind and patient and told me to unfreeze it and let them know when I have done that and they will re-run my credit report.

This really is a big step for me. It makes everything feel very real and puts a time line on this because I will be renting it starting in May. If I am accepted as a tenant, I will need to give notice at work, find movers, and get this house cleaned up and on the market. I want to try to time it so that the house closes around the end of April or beginning of May. I will move interstate as soon as the house closes.

If my apartment is not ready for me, I will ask the movers to store my furniture until my move-in date and I will stay in a hotel..

I am not sure what I feel anymore. Sometimes I feel abandoned. Sometimes I feel alone. Sometimes I feel frightened. Sometimes I feel hopeful.

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Feb 24

I know this is a lot, but you are doing beautifully. You have a plan and it all sounds incredibly reasonable. I am proud of you, you are doing amazing.

Feb 24

@CKBlossom thank you CKBlossom. I really appreciate your kindness and encouragement.

IrishMom36's picture
Feb 24

Sounds like every feeling is exactly right. While it maybe scary, you are doing what you have to do. Keep your head up, things do happen for a reason.


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