Another crazy day, I’m glad I took this week off. I had to

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Another crazy day, I’m glad I took this week off. I had to sign the legal papers to sell the house and so did she, but she is too “busy” to coordinate a time so I went first but got to wait for her and the kids to show up and watched them for 10 minutes while she went in. The best 10 minutes of my day :) I get revived when I’m with them. There’s a really good diner there and I was going to treat everyone but she was too busy. Oh well, last night my oldest had a baseball game so I got to see them also, that just leaves tomorrow not seeing them and tomorrow I have a date so it works out well. My bunk buddy, the pup destroyed her house and had accidents everywhere, what a good boy lol. She’s trying to get me to take him but I can’t it’s an extra $300 at the apartment for a dog and after November 1 I could be back on the road again.

My brother said she’ll just put him to sleep and that’s on her conscience if she does it. I wouldn’t put it past her after what she did to the fish, it just disgusts me that she worshipped her grandma who was a dog lover, in a dog lover and she used to be a dog lover until she snapped and gave up caring about anyone or thing besides herself.

I have 2 boxes left to unpack, I picked up one nice birthday present for my youngest so far, the desktop to set up and then a mess to clean, nothing too bad.

But after seeing my kids I’m feeling so good right now.

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Sep 15

@PB2020 I will do my best to not let that happen. I still love dogs way too much to let her throw his life away over selfishness. The sad thing is she wanted the dog, she begged for the dog, I got her the dog before we even had kids and she was ecstatic, then her bff gf has a dog but treats it like an animal. We were both raised treating our dogs like family. Since she swf obsessed and copied her bff bf all of a sudden dogs were just animals and nothing more. The change in her entire persona is just sick and sad to witness.

Sep 16

@Mick77, I am truly sorry that she is that mixed up and lost. My stbx is the same way. His personality has totally changed, and the more he starves himself, the sicker he gets and the more manipulated he is by his equally mentally ill family. The more the dementia kicks in the more confused and stupid he gets. It is a viscous cycle with him.

I hope your dog will be OK. I have every faith you will do your best to protect your furry friend. I am so glad for you that you have been able to separate yourself from her.

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Sep 16

I took my ex's dogs because they are better with me and it has been a pain but to me they are like children. They feel deeply I believe. The dog may be totally traumatized about the move and also the way he is being treated. It does not sound like a good situation. Is it 300 a month in apartment or just the extra deposit? Can you take dog with you when you travel for work? Many hotels will let you keep your dogs now. If you go to same place over and over again you might find a dog walker to come in. I had a dog walker come while I was at hotel week before last. Found her on and interviewed her and she was very nice. Just ideas. My ex's ex before me left him and their dog and the dog was having lots of accidents. She was used to people there all day and then no one for 10+ hours. I had him put a fence and dog door when he bought his house. She is the brindle color dog on my photo. She is a very sensitive dog.

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