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Annoyed? Agitated? Angry? No not angry. Definitely not angry

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Annoyed? Agitated? Angry? No not angry. Definitely not angry because this is almost too comical for that. Upset? Maybe. Probably.

Yesterday my older sister calls me and says my x called her a couple days ago, wished her a happy birthday, and asked if I came to visit her over the weekend. She told her no and my x said "Well I heard he took the girls up there." My sister said not that she knew of. I took the girls swimming in the same town my sister lives in but we didn't have time to stop by. Anyway---- why is she asking my family about what I'm doing? It's beyond annoying.

Then she tells my sister she misses her and loves her. My sister reciprocated then my x asks if she can bring the girls to visit sometime. My sister said that would be fine but then my x hits her with "Do you care if I bring my boyfriend?" My sister told her that would make her very uncomfortable. She told me she can't stop my x from toting this guy around but she certainly won't allow him to sleep at her house.

So again, why my family? Why on the earth is she bothering my sister? My sister said she felt like my x was just trying to get information and once she got what she wanted she stopped texting to her. No "Okay, let's make some plans" or anything. She just quit texting her after getting what little bit of information she did. My sister said "Does she think I'm stupid?" I said "She must think everyone is stupid." I told my sister she was probably served with papers where I want full custody of all the kids and she is likely upset.

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Mar 19

@eddie1975, maybe it's because of guilt. But see that's what happens when we turn from God, when we start to allow our emotions to control us rather than good common sense, and faith (the Holy Spirit and the Bible.) Your ex is allowing her guilt or whatever emotions to control her. If she turned back to God, her faith would control her and her guilt would subside because she'd be living her life for good rather than for the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes or the pride of life. It could happen to any of us if we stray from the truth and live a lie, sadly. It's duplicitous.

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Mar 19

If Eddie's ex is a narc, she has no guilt and is low on emotions.

Mar 20

@mmadwaite, you're right. Maybe because she's a narc her new source of supply isn't giving her what energy supply she needs so she upsets eddie to get off on his hurt, anger, and agitation.


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