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after we move on from this convid-19 crisis, will we see a m


after we move on from this convid-19 crisis, will we see a min baby boom, or a increase in divorce filings?

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Foundlove's picture
Mar 25

Idk about baby boom... ppl I know pregnant are under extreme stress and someone I know just miscarried! The hospital system right now is scary... if I were pregnant I would be scared to go. I just saw on news how someone was sad bc her husband can’t be w her when she delivers... hospital are limiting visitors... these are terrifying times! I’m not gonna sugar coat it. Divorce rates sure might rise bc of the difficulties and stress of finances... that’s big stressor in any marriage.... but I think babies and divorce is the very least of our problems... my thoughts are... are we gonna be able to eat well n house ourselves after all this crazy shutdowns!!!!?? I’m scared n I’ve never been so scared but at same time I pray and I’m like up n down with panic then calm, panic then calm, gonna hurl... I’m ok again, I’m fine! My problem is I work in hospital and I can see how it’s like at brink of falling apart. I feel like at any moment the system is gonna collapse or something. Prepare for the worst scenario I think! I pray for everything to get back to normal soon n back to normal. Stay safe everyone n I’ll keep you all in my prayers!

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GirlKitty's picture
Mar 26

I'm afraid we'll be in an economic depression.

Mar 26

GirlKitty there is going to be economic ramifications. That is depressing.


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