2 weeks ago I thought my life was great and now I’m headed

2 weeks ago I thought my life was great and now I’m headed for divorce after 24 yrs of marriage. My mind is racing at 100mph and no signs of slowing down. Any advice on how to slow the mind down?

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Mar 25

@Shattereddreams24 It's natural you'd feel all these emotions. Eventually you'll get closure, one way or another. I wonder how her counselor retiring impacted her.

Mar 25

@shattereddreams24, I have read thru these messages and I want to thank you for reaching out here. Here's some encouraging words to focus on, It appears to be that after all she is going thru, she doesn't know how to deal with all her pain. so her next person to latch out on is to you. I urge you to keep a strong frame of mind. stand firm in your marriage and your love for your wife. It seems that she still cares for you. Believe in her. Believe in yourself. if you want to … p. message me. I can help you. I understand that your mind is going every direction trying to figure out what to do. however, believing in her and the marriage is the best thing you can do. this is a process and it will take time for her to heal from all of her hurts. I urge you to find counseling for yourself. find things to do that are hobbies or learn something new. sending encouragement.. to both of you. hope to hear from you soon.

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Mar 25

Yes, I imagine it would be extremely frustrating to not get any answers. I do hope that counseling will prove to be effective, if nothing else, maybe it will draw out answers from her.
Again, feel free to private message me if you don't want to talk on a public platform. In the meantime, im sending you a link to a live chat site where you can receive some comfort and compassion and just talk, to a live person.


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