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Hi everyone. First, I hope everyone is having a good day. An

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Hi everyone. First, I hope everyone is having a good day. And if not, we are here for you.
And I will make this as short as possible. I have been separated for a year trying to get a divorce. My mom said she's going to help me but I ended up telling her no because I need to do this on my own. So I found a couple of job possibilities and I have my resume out there online. Me and my kids have been living in hotels off and on for about two-and-a-half to three years. Obviously my stbx didn't care because he was really never around. Anyways, his uncle offered to buy me and my kids a place. It's called a double wide mobile home. It looks like a house but it's not. It's still very pretty and it's a generous offer and I would love to not have my kids in a hotel anymore but it's my soon-to-be-ex is uncle that offered it. He said it would go in my name and my ex doesn't have to live there and I would pay him rent every month. He is always been very nice to me and mainly my soon-to-be ex has whole family has always been very nice to me. They were upset with him when they found out he cheated. My soon-to-be ex has spent all our money and ended up using my signature and messing up my credit so I can't even get a place without it costing me a fortune. My mom is a retired paralegal and I'm going to have her go over the contract but I wanted some opinions. Do yall think this is a good idea or not?

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Jul 10

I would say do it. But can you make sure your STBX won't get it in the divorce or be able to live there with you by barging in?

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Jul 11

@Renee5 I hope you can get it, but it seems a bit to good to be true. How well do you know this man? Maybe he has something extra in mind if you know what I mean. Everyone has brought up great concerns to be worked out. Someone needs to figure out the financial details for you like how is the monthly payment going to be applied to things? Is this a fair deal for you? As Scat said you need to be sure that he won't get half since you are still married to him. I really do hope it works out for you and your kids.

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Jul 11

First thing comes to my mind !!! " BUYER BE WARE " Is this man trustworthy ? Don't know the whole situation but I would proceed with caution ??


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