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Hey all! I joined this group because I was divorced and left

Hey all! I joined this group because I was divorced and left such a horrible toxic marriage. My ex was an addict of many things. I was cheated on profusely over our entire 10 years of marriage. I met him when I was 13 and we got married in our early 20s. I felt like without him I had no identity and I lacked such confidence and self esteem. As hard as it was for me, I stood back up and conquered. I have so much self-love, self worth and confidence. After we divorced I pursued my dreams and passions and became a health and life coach helping other divorced women to reclaim their lives after divorce and build their confidence, self esteem and self love and live the lives they truly desire.

I so desire to help all of you ladies! You are beautiful and strong and are queens! Whether you feel it or not!

Stay strong!

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justamomof2's picture
Jul 2

Welcome to the group-I'm sure you will be able to offer some good ideas and suggestions :)

eddie1975's picture
Jul 2

Some of us guys need help too. :(

mmadwaite's picture
Jul 3

@eddie1975 I was about to say that.


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