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Today was better.. The lonely that has crept in at night is

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Today was better.. The lonely that has crept in at night is not so hard to handle this week. The other night my STBX, brought the kids home & was dropping them back off & he wanted to carry on a 20 min convo on how much he's enjoyed working out.. blah.. blah... It's like he was wanting a reaction... I didnt give him one. It's hard to see him act like he hs no remorse and no shame. As soon as he left though I lost it & my dinner too. I hope this Coparenting thing gets easier as well as my achy heart. Praying for strength for this upcoming week. For now, I will be hugging my babiew tight and delighting in how much they love me.

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Feb 13

Just Cuz you're coparenting doesn't mean you have to have face to face interaction. Please try
familytalks or ourfamilywizard I know ppl that have and it's worked way better. I woulda but both my kids moms bailed sooo....

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Feb 14

Thank you. I will look into those. Im sorry to hear or read your story. Prayers for you

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Feb 14

#indifference to the selfish STBX. You go girl.


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