sorry so long but I gotta vent I am so mad at myself for

sorry so long but I gotta vent

I am so mad at myself for letting my ex suck me back into his drama. For like a month he’s been saying he wants to sell my car.

I needed a new car, but I knew if I sold mine I would not be able to get credit for another, and need him to help with financing, and then him selling it would start a problem too.

But I figured the person would not really buy the car, so if they did good, if not no loss.

The ex was acting nuts before taking the car, he came to a place to get the car, and then did not take it, then called to see when I would be home. Then when I got home he took the car.

At first he did not want to leave me his car, but I am a crazy busy person, I NEED a car. But while he was gone I looked for other cars I could afford, ect just in case.

When he called me to tell me the guy wanted my car, I was shocked, but we sold it for 4k. And I paid a guy $200 to fix some issues the car needed fixed, for the guy who bought it. My ex had told me I owed $2500 on the car still, so I was OK with paying off the loan and then using the rest as a down payment.

This is where the BS started. When I got there, I already knew a car I wanted to get. I already called to test drive it, and I needed to go to see it. That day, as Sunday I do not shop, and I needed to drive people to church.

So I get there and the guy only has 2000. OK no biggie, I was shocked he could get that much from the ATM. The car is registered in my name, and the loan was under my husband, but the insurance was going to be canceled once I got the new car. That way the guy can drive the car, till we get the loan paid off.

My ex then says he is not going to drive me to an hour away to get the car. Um Yes; you are. The whole time we were driving to see the car I 100% wanted and planned to buy he was complaining. Mind you he had agreed to all of this before selling my car.

We got there and then the place was rude, and I did not want to buy a car there, I told him to take me to another dealer around the corner I really like, and who I knew would have something I would like.

He pitched a fit, and told me I was stupid, and that I did not know how to buy cars; ect. But I got there, and told the guy what I was looking for, and we walked out to look at the general area of cars that the sales person thought I would like. The whole time he was be a PITA. Then the guy was walking me to another car, and we passed a car that was perfect. A little bigger than I wanted, but the brand was one I really wanted, and the gas miles was good, and the price was WAY lower than it should be for a practically new car.

We test drove it, and I asked to hold it while we looked at others. The whole time he was yelling that I should buy it, so he could go home. We looked at a few others, and all the similar cars like the one I held sold while we test drove some more.. I was not totally convinced in the car I held, but It was a great deal and I liked it a LOT.

There was non-stop mouth from the ex the whole time for the paperwork, and he was giving wrong address to people, and making it take soooo much longer than it needed to.

But eventually we got everything done, and then when they were showing me features like how to lock the doors, use the radio (which is a computer that runs the whole freaking car) he was complaining. He kept calling to complain the whole way home, and he came to my house!

And then tried to stay the night!! HELLLLLLLLL NO! So the next day he was supposed to get the rest of the money from the guy. But his bank said he had to wait till Monday to get the rest out, because it was too much from an ATM. I totally get that. Not a problem. My Ex was mad cause I did not let him stay at my place, and he came up, unannounced to argue with me.

He called the bank and was arguing with me that I had to pay off the loan RIGHT then. I told him It could wait till Monday morning, as it was Sunday evening, but he would not stop yelling. So he called to find out what was owed. And it was only $1000!!! So he tried to scam me out of $1500 when he kept yelling at me to give him $2500 to pay them off!!!

So I told him to GTFO of my home, and I would go to the bank first thing Monday to get cash to take to the other bank. He kept calling and texting me that I needed to be at his bank 7am with the cash. UM no, neither opened till 9 and he would see me when I got there. And we should refinance at the same time.

He was later than me getting to the bank, and was arguing with me when he got there he would not refinance until Saturday, and that I needed to clear my schedule for him.

We get the loan paid off and the letter for the DMV. And he went that night to get the rest of the money from his friend. When he comes to give me the money, he shorted the cash $500!!! He had it, it thought I would not count the money, but I did and it was short and he was reluctant to give it to me.

The next day he went to the DMV, next to my office, and there was a problem getting the title cleared. Apparently the car was titled to the old loan company, and they needed a letter from me to clear it. But he did not tell me this, only that there was a problem. I went to the DMV, and he was not there!! We are talking 2 minutes it took me to get there, and he left so I look like an idiot going back to find out the problem.

I called, and the financing company said they would fax me a letter and mail it to me. Just a matter of time to get it, not a drama.

The Ex has harassed me almost a week nonstop about the freaking title. The guy apparently is mad, because he thought he could not drive the car, but he can, it is just under my name right now.

I got a faxed copy this Monday and went to the DMV and I texted him when I was in tears because I took half a day off of work and wasted the whole day and the refused to give me the title still until I could get the original of the letter, not the fax.

The A-hole texted me back that if I did not get him the title that day he was taking my new are from me and giving me back the old one and suing me for the $!!!! UM HELLLLLL NO!! Are you on drugs? 2 weeks is what it normally takes to get a title! It has not even been that long, and the problem is one he created by not clearing the title when he refinanced it!.

Then he keeps calling me and harassing me and calling me names. I wanted to knock him out for like a week and a half, but yesterday he is lucky I don’t have a gun to kill him!!

My daughter was being a butt, and wanted me to do something I absolutely did not have the time for. She called him to see if he would take her, and he agreed. He was also informed that no way in hell did I have time to do what she wanted and if he took her she needed to be dropped off at my mom’s.

On my way to another errand, I called to make sure she was at my moms. She was not. I called him and her and neither answered my call. Then when he finally called me back, he acted like they were together, and then 20 minutes later said oh, she is at your house.

WHAT THE F#%#!!!! You did not take her when you said you would? Knowing I DID NOT HAVE THE TIME TO GO GET HER!!!!!

When I lost my mind, as any reasonable human being would do, he started telling me he was doing me a favor and I was crazy and should be nicer to him!!!! I am sorry? Leaving my child home alone at night without telling me, when I was planning to not come back till after midnight, and I am crazy!!!

Then I had to drive an hour back home, and when I was close he called me and was “I can get her if you really can’t take care of your own child yourself” OH HELL NO YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!!! AFTER I DROVE AN HOUR BACK TO GET HER!!!

Then he called another hour later to ask me why I was being such a b^%$#!! I then when off about all the BS that past few weeks.

I feel like an idiot for thinking he would actually do what he said, and not go out of his way just to start a drama. All he has wanted for weeks was for me to lose it and yell at him! He keeps calling at all hours of the day and night to chit chat, which irritates the hell out of me, and all week I have been past the point to breaking and it is too much to deal with his BS too!

Then when he called back and tried to fake apologize and gaslight me some more, the A-HOLE said “I love you”!

ON WHAT PLANET IS HE LIVING!!! I mean really? You stress me out to the point of utter breakdown, make threats to steal my car and sue me, lie to me that you are going to take my daughter to my mothers, and waste 3 hours of my already too busy schedule, call me crazy for being mad that you endangered my child, you called me a bad parent, and a bad person; and then say you love me? How is that even close to love? BARF.

I did not give up a crap ton of money and get the world’s longest divorce so you could continue this crap and tell me you love me. I did it to get the hell away from you! There are no overnights, I am not your “Baby”, I don’t love you, I don’t want to be your friend, I don’t care how your day was. All I want is the money you owe me, and for you to mow the lawn (hell that I could do myself if I wanted to)

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Lildarlin's picture
Jun 22

What the hell would he divorce you for if he still wanted to be In your life. No kids I am assuming. . That's crazy to say the least

Jun 22

@Lildarlin I have kids, he does not.

I stopped trying to understand his thought process a LONG time ago. Not signing up for that class.

Like yesterday I texted him that one of the crops in the farm died, and it was one I wanted, I tried last year too, and they died. I was sad, and he texted back "Good"

This is something he does all the time to start arguments. If something good happens he says "No good" or makes some kind of a-hole remark. If it is bad he says good.

So rude and annoying, and he's gotten so used to being an a$$ he does it at work too, and been written up, and passed over for promotion, and makes less than lots of other in his job ect.

So he wanted to fight so I ignored it, and i left for work early this morning. But about the time I normally come to work he started texting me asking what happened to all the plants!

Meaning, he came to my house, with our telling me, was in the yard, and wanted to get attention/ be a butt in person!

Why? I told him it suddenly died, and was weird. I removed it in case it was a bugs. He just wants to start crap.

Who wakes up, drives to someone's house just to start crap 7 AM?

A crazy person, and I don't have time for it. The other day he was all suspicious of if I was dating again. I am dating, nobody too seriously, but he's convinced that is why I am thinking of moving in 5 years to someplace else.

If I was dating someone, and considering moving for them, and if I had sex before marriage (which I do not), why would I wait 5 years?

I was just saying in 5 years my daughter will be out of HS, and I might move about 45 min away, or to another town like Philly, Boston, or Kansas City. What is funny is my aunt is just like me. She gets unsettled living in the same place more than 2 years.

Perfectly reasonable if he knew anything about me, 100% not to do with dating but church and the fact I am a Gypsy. I used to make major movies every year or so. I plan to live my empty nest years traveling as much as possible. Always have, I wanted to be retired by now to start! I always imagined that by 50 I would be living in the UK or Europe, or riding a motorcycle or RV across the US.

I have lived relatively in the same place for 12 years now. Other than the first 16 years of my life, that is the longest I have not moved to a new city, state, or country.

And my wanderlust has always been there. I take trips ALL the time. I have been trying to save money, so the last few years I have only gone a few times a year. But before I used to be gone somewhere every weekend. or working at parties and places of interest in town (which is a way to get paid to learn and do things).

Like in a few weeks I am going to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Christmas we tend to go to a Hot Spring, but last year were in Philly. Next year when my daughter is at camp, I have plans to go to Greece. And I want to take my daughter to Iceland next year for Christmas or near her birthday (Although Greece is near her birthday, but I want to do that without her). And starting next March, we have made plans to take monthly (maybe quarterly is more realistic with our schedules) vacations to nearby places, and a few farther but most are close.

I mean traveling seems to be all I talk about, where was he the last 7 years? Oh ya, off with hookers and refusing to acknowledge his family existed.

I always want to ask him if he ever met me the 7 years we have been together. Seriously, when he talks like half the time I wonder who he thinks I am.

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Jun 23

×Romansicon8 r u divorced yet or in the process


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