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Has anyone heard of the "break up expert," Break-up Brad? He

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Has anyone heard of the "break up expert," Break-up Brad? He apparently has a program you can order that will help keep your relationship together and your partner doesnt need to do it, you can do it on your own. thoughts?

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Jan 14

Hey there! When my ex broke up with me I bought watsapp coaching sessions with Farouk Radwan, the author of the psychology site Enter the website and click “coaching” and you will be given the instructions. He will talk to you daily (3 times a day) for a week. The price is 40/50/60$ I can’t remember... you can see on the website. I bought more than one session because this process takes time. You should definitely try it too. He really helped me to get my ex back when I literally had no hope left. And he also helped me feel better when I was desperate. I can’t promise you that he will bring your ex back too but at least you can try. If he can’t, then he will help you move on with your life and be at peace. If you have any questions for me about that, feel free to ask :)

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Jan 14

@Mommabird I went to Brad's website and I would have tried it, too, so don't feel bad that you bought it. I'm just glad you can get a refund. I was in your situation 4 years ago when my now ex-husband decided he wanted a divorce after 24 years together. I really tried to save my marriage but as I said before my ex was determined to leave. He had someone else on the side. I hope you're situation is better than mine was and I hope you're able to work things out. I hope your husband will give your marriage another chance.

Jan 14

Kevin Jackson is one I recommend for men. Surviving her Affair


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