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Well they got him. Arrested at airport trying to catch s fli

Well they got him. Arrested at airport trying to catch s flight to Germany. Spent the weekend in jail. Failed on bail application this afternoon. Another attempt will be made on Friday in the presence of foreign legal team, who will justify extradition. Fingers crossed please. If he gets out I'm the number one target

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Jul 16

@saveandenslave if you have these fears. Talk to the police and try to explain your situation. Even if they don’t do anything. It will be documented. And trying to document as much as you can will only help you. Please. Please stay safe. This world needs hearts like yours

Jul 18

@Gone Fishing thanks. My legal team have alerted the local police and security people. Tomorrow is bail application day. I'm feeling sick with the nerves. The extradition trial date is still to be set and I feel I wont feel safe until they take him across the border and keep him there.

Jul 18

@GirlKitty thank you


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