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Today my ex and I went to the courthouse to file our papers.

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Today my ex and I went to the courthouse to file our papers. In about 35 days the divorce decree will come in the mail. My best friend sent me this screenshot of what my ex posted on Instagram literally right when she got in the car after we walked out and said goodbye. Good riddance to this narcissist!! Wtf! This kind of stuff is just clear proof of the type of person that she is and exactly what I DO NOT NEED in my life! But then of course when we were at the courthouse she was all shaky and weepy and talking about how upset she is and how hard life is. Screw this. She is just looking for new supply by playing the victim. Thank goodness I am done with this. Just 35 days until it is official and then my friends and I are having a party! What a great way to start the new year.

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Dec 7

That's great to hear missmolly!! Good for you!

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Dec 7

So glad that you're out of your situation and on the road to happier days!

Dec 7

@lntx me too! Want to be free from all their narcissism. Congratulations on making it to this point- you are a good example for us in similar situations!


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