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Struggling. Overwhelmed but cant say by exactly what. Sadly

Struggling. Overwhelmed but cant say by exactly what. Sadly saw pictures of him and new fiance on a trip. They look ridiculous to be honest. Him well into his 50's and her dressing way younger than her 26 years. Its middle of the month and I've not received maintenance. Guess I'm just frustrated. Depressed. Sad

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Apr 18

@GirlKitty It's Amber btw, but that's an interesting story too. About seven or eight years go she would come home saying "Dr. so and so said I was the best nurse in the building." I said "That's because you are. He's a smart Dr." At that time she had known him from work for five or six years. I trusted my wife. I had no idea this dude was flirting with her. I looked him up and he was married around 2010 and divorced in 2017 likely because he was cheating with my wife. I'm sure they gave each other pity speeches. My kids told me that he told them his wife cheated on him and that's why he got divorced but I know for a fact, and told my kids so, that he was married when he was with their mother while she was married to me. That's indisputable. And her idiot parents supported her cheating and hung out with them together while we were married. The whole family is unethical.

Another funny thing. One day her oldest pretend Christian sister messaged me and said I need to control my foster daughter because she was tearing my ex up on social media. She said I needed teach her Jesus. I told her first of all I don't "control" anyone and second if she wants to talk about Jesus what would Jesus think of her pretending to be a Christian and hanging out with her sister and her boyfriend while her sister is still married to me knowing that her sister beat our son into the emergency room and got our foster daughter's younger sister taken away, placed in a different foster home where none of us will ever see her again? She never did respond to that because I destroyed her with words.

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Apr 19

im sorry that you are going thru this, its difficult. have you tried to talk to him about the maintenance? Iv been thru such times myself. talk to your caseworker or contact person for assistance if you are unable to speak to him. keep you in my prayers. hugs :)

Apr 19

50's and 26? Oh, that'll last. (Says no one, ever.) Dont worry hon. Take cover, because this relationship will self-destruct in 5....4....3....2...


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