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Shaken up. Just rage texted from the narc stbx, he received

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Shaken up. Just rage texted from the narc stbx, he received the divorce petition in the mail today. I have not responded. I know I am doing the right thing. It is hard not to fight back and respond to all of the bs.

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Apr 15

@Annep2018 well I hope your future dreams now have a lot of happiness in them!

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Apr 16

@Bop AGREE with @Bop! This is exactly what I wanted to say. They will often text CRAZY things just to get a response. Narcs have to have control, the last word, supply..... if they are "narc-injured", they lash out at the thought of losing their charging station (you). I remember before getting the court order that he couldn't contact me at all, the texts would range from smooshy love pleas to psycho threats to things from complete nowhere, so random and nuts. They'll do ANYthing to get a response, then the stalking starts! STAY rid, stay no contact, it works!!! NC is the bomb! You keep doing what you are doing and absolutely, like @Bop said, notify law of any threat and do NOT NOT NOT give him the benefit of the doubt or any grace period. I don't want to see another forensic files episode of women (or men) that suddenly go missing. Please stay NC, stay safe, and you will thrive before you know it! Hugs.

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Apr 16

@GirlKitty Amen!


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