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One item in contention between me and my ex was a box of old

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One item in contention between me and my ex was a box of old coins my aunt found metal detecting and what not. He swore up and down he didn't have them. He'd been thru his safe and little room where he keeps valuables and they are not there. Well today I get a call from him out of the clear blue. He never calls. He said he found them in one of the boxes (he had dragged out of here). I never thought I'd see those again. He had some other things of mine and I had a box of his things that he missed in his many moving out visits. Much to his surprise I'm sure, I told him to leave them under the mailbox and I'd do the same. My driveway is 630 feet so he didn't have to come near the house. Also, I have the virus check with both our names on it. We worked out a plan for him to sign it at my bank because they wouldn't deposit it without him signing it in front of them. Point is I got this all done without having to see him. All I have left is to get his name off my house deed. I think the township will do it if I give them a copy of the judgement. Of course, all this made me sad and I've been crying. I decided to exercise which did help.

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Jun 2

@Looking_4_Hope We were an older couple and have no children together. I feel bad for people who have to still deal with their ex due to children. Let me suggest the Grey Rock communication technique. If you can use it when you have to communicate with her, it might really help.

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Jun 3

@mmadwaite Thank you! Did a quick read of this technique, and will study it some more.

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Jun 4

Mmadwaite, hugs. You handled that so well.


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