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I just need to talk to someone. I walked myself into heartbr

I just need to talk to someone. I walked myself into heartbreak. I will get over it for sure but i just want to talk. Recently while i organised an event, one of the speakers left me feeling strong pull towards him. i dont know and cannot explain why this happened. He is nothing close to the ideal physical qualities i fall for. His work pulled me at first but we had not met then. After that when we first met at the event i somehow felt he was also as intersted as i was. i found him look at me a little longer. i found him come to me to talk for anything. he is such an introvert he never got close to anybody else. He texted me from the aiprport after he left and we styaed in touch for 2.5 months. I didnt think much of it although back of my mind i was having these thoughts as to why i feel this way fr him. i egan waiting for his texts and wwould get upset if he didnt. then one day he tells me he has a crush on me.
coincidentally i had enrolled for a trek to where he lives 4 months back and hence we decided to meet there. we spent 3 days together and i felt love each time he held my hands or hugged me. This is when i got to know him more. He is a fun guy to be with but he kept saying his life isnt perfect and that everything u want is not what u get. let me tell u this he told me even before we met after the trek. i dug a little deeper and he told me he has a tendency to hurt people and would not want tohurt me as he already broke a relationship because of his confusion and he regrets it. he said he has been called an A-hole and doesnt want to be that again. He is introverted, calls himself a loser, blames his father for being discouraging and says he is confused.
deep down he wants to do wild stuff but something is holding him back. He says the kind of family he comes from he cant marry whoever he wishes to marry, and will have to be an example for his younger siblings. He has tattoes on him that his folks dont know about. He asked the religious leader before he got one so he can tell ths to his parents if they find out.
anyway i dont know what it is but my hart feels very strong about it and i have a feelng he will go places in life even if he doesnt believe it now. Last night i tild him all of this and today he texts me saying an international magazine contacted him to feature him in their next issue. This is huge!! he said " your wish for me is slowly coming true" I am ecstatic. But he has been saying he "cant" be with me or having anyting serious right now.
Who believes in law of attraction here? do u think that despite of the impossibility of us, we will be together someday??? why do i feel this way forhim. I am currently being told by my therapist to keep options open and look for other men as well because waiting for this one who i barely know and who is sure of not wanting to be with me, isnt practical. My counselor has always said she finds me unique in terms of my intuition and the way i operate in life.
I like this man and i know i want to be with him. im sounding naive i know but can i pray for him and yet carry on with my life and process of keeping options open ? or am i to think act and believe in only what i want. And if that were the case, what happens to "whats meant to happen will happen anyhow"

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Aug 23

I do know how difficult it is to be a part from someone we care about, but there are so many ways TO keep in touch. Perhaps you could view the distance between as an opportunity to get to know each other on a different level. Distance also allows us to see things more objectively.
You asked, "can I pray for him and yet carry on with my life." ABSOLUTELY! I honestly believe God has a plan for all of us - sometimes that may mean we end up with our hearts desire, but it's really what God desires for our heart! Have faith in HIM, trust that He will guide you! This might be just the right time to get involved in your community; cultivating friendships with those around you. Would you consider getting involved with a group through church - such as with an outreach program? Serving others is a great way to change one's focus - as well as meet new people. Not to say there is anything negative about maintaining a friendship with this young man, however... you might find that what you are hoping for has been in front of you this whole time!

I wish you well and will keep you in my prayers!

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Sep 12

@Pollyannaslim Hi im so sorry for reverting so late. Just to update you, yes im in touch with him. He calls me every sigle day now. we dont know whwree we are going but we have decided to get to know each other. whether it works or not is upto time. but for now i am living as if he is a part of my world not the whole of it. i think distance does help. Thanks a ton for your advise. As for helping out in the community, i have decided to volunteer for a cause very soon. i go to this place to teach under privileged children :)

Sep 12

I wish you the best of luck- Thank you for letting me know how you're doing!


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