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How do you cope with sharing your child with their father?

How do you cope with sharing your child with their father? My daughters is my life my breath my world and now there will be days I will not see her hold her at night. How do you get through this?

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eddie1975's picture
Mar 30

@beth65 I agree completely. If I said something different I didn't intend to. My ex is obviously a terrible spouse but then to tell my children I raped her and that her relationship with this guy she cheated on me with is acceptable is BAD parenting. The kids are learning false ethics from her. Plus she supposedly kicked our 12 year old out of her house this weekend. Packed her stuff in black trash bags and threw them on my lawn. Totally true story. Totally bad parenting.

Mar 30

@eddie1975 sorry Eddie, at the most now your child is with you. :(

Murri's picture
Mar 30

When I was going food that with my children, I would call a woman's crisis line and talk to them. It really helped to have someone to talk to that understood. you might check in your area to see what is available in crisis line counseling. I know how hard it is but you'll get through it somehow. play badly written in follow my children got to the point where they didn't want to go to their dads and that really made me feel good. Maybe yours will show his colors and the kids won't see through his crap. Hang in there it does get better.


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