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I'm real close to leaving. I'm really have no solid evidenc

I'm real close to leaving. I'm really have no solid evidence of what's going on but I have clearer proof that I'm not nuts.

I picked his phone up, which I have not in a good while, he was laying next to me. I looked at the call history log curious bc some chick text him by accident about going on a date to a girlfriend. There was no history from her; however, I found that he had called some girl before he was officially clocked in at work about one month ago. I asked him who this was and he said "idk". So, i looked it up in reverse look up. It was a 21 year old who lived 20 mins from his job. It could be someone regarding his job but why would he call before his shift? I asked him this and he said "idk, i call people for my job". No...not at 930 at night..before your shift. Not getting answers and wanting to aviod a fight..I close it out and as i do this..i realise that he still had a video call app on his phone he told me he deleted and only downloaded for his brother. I said that i thought he deleted it...he won't unload off the phone so I disabled it. It won't let me use it, it doesn't work.. i looked at him and knew he was lying...he had told me this regarding skype before..same exact story. So, i opened it up and video called my daughter. Oh...look at works...! After hanging up from my daughter i close it out and unload from his phone...oh look at that it unloaded too...i leave the room. There was no point in arguing. Not dealing with a endless arguement of "stop interrogating me" and "if you don't trust me, leave-i haven't done anything" what am i suppose to do...just pretend that things add up when they don't?

Later, I logged onto his phone while he was out of the room so i could take down this girls number. It dawned on me how fimilar the number was. It seemed as it was an exact number I had written down before..a couple years ago...that number magically disappeared...i had it in my email in a seperate folder and written for extra security...idk for certain bc it disappeared...but its one of those numbers that are so easy to recall...(like ..area code -333-0001<- not it)) i continue on the hunch and look up the caller ID version of her number..oh look...another conscience.....the call ID says she is from the same state he grew up in...(not the same area...but same state. .hmmm).

She's 21. He is nearly 50... sorry but things don't add up. The only thing that would make sense to me is that he has a kid...or he's involved with this girls mom...I'm thinking..He had a kid while he lived in his home state and she recently moved here for college and he will be paying for it...why else would her origional number be from his home state and now she moved by his job?! Worse case he is a serious pervert and she has some serious daddy issues and is using the crap out of him...there is no solid proof of what the case is ..but i know for darn sure he's lying to me and things just don't add up.

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@Daniel1018 you were not stupid.
Stupidity is to be self destructive... So technically, she is the stupid one. She is destructive to herself and everyone around her. That is extremely stupid. Placing trust in someone and fighting for what you percieved as love is not. Its what we are suppose to do in a marriage.

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Feb 11

If he’s a narcissist then lying and cheating usually go with it... narcissist have fragile ego n insecure they can’t accept to over be vulnerable so they are usually cheaters! Please listen to your gut about the situation n do what you know needs to be done... I hope you find strength to overcome this difficult situation!


@Daniel1018 That's so wrong of her. I'd never do that. I'd never talk poorly about my daughters bio dad. Still to this day, I tell her that her that her bio father loves her but just wasn't ready. Some people have to learn more then others before becoming an adult. I leave it at that. One day she will understand but for now that's all she needs to know.

I think I stay with my current SO, in part, bc of guilt. I invited my current hub into our lives and he's been raising her for 10 years. He's a great dad. Just a selfish lover... I hate the idea of putting her through bothers me. One day she will realize she never really knew her bio father...that's going to be difficult for her. We were suppose to be able to answer her questions as a family unit. Together. I thought I created a more stable life for her. Is hard accepting I failed her in this. I tried so hard.


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