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December 3rd, 2020


My stbx, " I cant remmeber" "it must have not been that imp

My stbx, " I cant remmeber" "it must have not been that important"

Anyones narc ever use this when its convient for them, when you confront them lieing to you? i hate it.
Its like going to court. If there is no solid evidence then the only way to charge is by getting a confession. And If you claim you dont cant remember something then you technically arent denying the incident. Therefore, if later evidence is displayed you arent caught in a lie. Yet you also arent making a confession. Therefore if the evidence is never presented then you are clear of being charged.

Am i right?

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Idk even know what to say. Outside of "yes, yes, yes..I can relate"... at least one thing in each of yalls posts resignates with me. It feels like the matrix (only crazy making version) and our narcs are the robots working together. Insane that this type of behavior down to a T is soo simular between strangers.

Nov 6

@Ahaloadmistthedark you are totally right in your earlier post. I went through something similar and your right

Nov 6

@Ahaloadmistthedark I hate when they do that.


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