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The weekends suck and are SO lonely. Long story short,, my w

The weekends suck and are SO lonely. Long story short,, my wife got addicted to pain killers and things got really bad and I eventually left. Now I'm alone and it sucks. I have work friends but don't see or talk to anyone on the weekends. Spend the weekends binge watching tv and taking naps. On Saturday nights force myself to go out to dinner. I won't sit at a booth or table alone because that's really depressing so I sit at the bar alone hoping I'll have someone to talk to but usually it doesn't happen that way. It just sucks and is extremely depressing. Cant wait to go to work just to have people to talk to

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Dec 5

@ayoung73 I tried therapy didn’t help anything (maybe it was the DR) . Once in a while I’ll hang out with work friends on Sunday and watch football games but most of the weekends I’m alone. I try to keep myself busy. I avoid working off hours just for the purpose of keeping busy because that’s that me. I found that playing guitar which is something I did since I was a kid relaxes, calms me down and keeps my mind busy.

Dec 5

@GMIX112 thanks. I’m working on getting my sh*t back together. I’m happy she’s off the pills but everything that happened is done and I don’t think I can come back from it. I found things to keep my mind busy and off of things.

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Dec 6

That's all that matters now man, just concentrate on you for a while


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