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Hi all, I'm new hear and I'm a world of emotions. I had a ro

Hi all, I'm new hear and I'm a world of emotions. I had a rocky marriage, my ex cheated and still denies it to this day. I filed for divorce and he talked me out of it saying he loved me and wanted to work on us. Flash forward times got harder we were losing our house etc. We separated for 3 years and just recently officially divorced in October. We have a son together so I still have to see him. He still made me feel important all through the separation saying he didnt want a gf and still only wanted and was only attracted to me. Well he now has a gf the same girl he told didnt interfere with helping end our marriage. I'm heartbroken and mad and don't know how 5o move on without thinking how much happier he is with her and me not being good enough to be with someone else. Words of advice please. I dont want to cry anymore.

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Dec 20

I know it's not nice to wish that but I do hope that becomes true, it's for students only through his school but hopefully I can find something for myself.

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Dec 20

@Feelinglonely88. What a shame. I was thinking if you could go same time as him it would be helpful for your schedule and something to do with him. Someone on one of these posts said something about not giving the ex that kind of power, basically any time you reference anything in relation to your ex you're giving them power. But still is nice to think of tables turning. But maybe we need to think more about what we want, which our ex does not factor into at all now. I made a post which you can probably find and got some good responses on what people were enjoying now that they didn't have their ex. I also made a post which got a lot of responses as to what your list is of your ideal partner.

Dec 20

Thank you I will try to find that post and responses.


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