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Is it ethical to stay married only because of religous view

Is it ethical to stay married only because of religous views?
I want to leave, I'm not happy, but I am a ChristaIn and so is he.

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Jun 12

@eddie1975 I agree that these days the Bible comes last place in some folks' consideration- which is sad since it's a guidebook written by the One who created us and knows what we need so we can be truly happy.
I'm truly sorry for your situation as well. I hope the scripture at 1 Corinthians 7:15 can leave you some comfort, where it quotes about one in such a situation: God has called you to peace.

Jun 12

@Circlecirclewall He is slowly destroying you, & you are starting to see it. It's not immaturity- it's a control thing, an abuse thing - check out posts in the Narcissist section.
It's time to STOP EXCUSING his bad behaviour. You are important & worth more than disrespectful verbal battering. Tell him it's time he showed you respect, & if he says you don't deserve it, that you are to meet his needs whenever he has one, Ask yourself: do I want to spend my life in a one-way relationship where only his needs are important? If the answer is yes, then stay. If it's no, then start thinking of packing a bag & leaving because it will only get worse. Good luck.

Jun 12

@Circlecirclewall That to me was very abusive of him. He now created a problem for you with your client. This is no acceptable. What happens if you lose the client? Would you lose your job? He has to understand this. Yes, we all get and and yell at time, but him yelling at you like how you described is emotional abuse, and you deserve better.


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