My friends talked me into joining a dating site. To be hones

My friends talked me into joining a dating site. To be honest it wasn't to hard. Loneliness is getting to me lately. But honestly it did not help. I am totally awkward at talking to guys and this just really highlighted that. I question every comment, mine and his. I haven't had a conversation with a guy that goes past customer service since high school. Pretty sure it shows.

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Sep 20

@PB2020 Lol, thanks for the pep talk. I feel much better about my chances. The realities of dating are so depressing.

Sep 20

@Blueberries1234 Blue, I agree with you so much! I’ve made my profile “prickly.” I state my political preference, pet allergies, religious inclination, and requirement for respect and communication. If a man contacts me and has something to say about politics, it’s pretty clear whether he is genuine or not by the way he writes. I don’t even respond to one-liner messages like “How goes it?” My profile is many paragraphs. If a man reads my profile and doesn’t have something more specific to say (I like gardening too...What’s your favorite coffee shop?), then he doesn’t have the communication skills I NEED in a relationship.

I agree, too, that there’s no need to provide an instant response to a stranger. What are you going to do for an encore? The beauty of text and email is that you can compose and send at your leisure.

If someone blocks you, figuring out if you did something wrong could be helpful. But maybe the person you contacted is just a ****, and you’re better off moving on.

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Sep 22

@Belle-boots wooow haha you dont respond to "how goes it"? I do, because I send those type of texts hahahah When I send them it's because it's exhausting thinking of creative things to say about every profile. I personally avoid over achievers or people who need to prove themselved by listing out their avcomplishments or too much on their profile, because the whole fun of dating is to leave a little mystery too ;) A "how are you" or "how goes it" is just a casual way to approach a stranger, for me anyways. Sometimes we might miss out on someone really amazing if you set the bar so high to the point of making assumptions about someone just from their way of saying hello :p But maybe you're right, it could explain why some people have totally ignored me. It's so hard to understand someone just through their profile, so I think it's about finding the right balance between flexible and rigid. But maybe you're right, maybe it does indicate a lack of communication skills. Man the world is so complicated!!! Blerg! Good luck, to us all hahahah it's so funny because some of the most amazing people I met, had the simplest hello and almost nothing on their profile. Maybe there's a component of luck to it too.

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