Need help really bad. Been with husband 8 years. He divorced

Need help really bad. Been with husband 8 years. He divorced after his wife cheated at least 3 times. I was married before too. Problem is me, I can not stop being hurt by his family always bringing up the ex. She cheated on him . After 28 years of marriage my husband found out his first child was not his. I have not been very excepting into this family. Been together 8 years, married 3.his mom and his ex text. My husband claims he doesn't know a girl he has listed as a niece. His ex wifes side of family. All off them have stayed friends with her on facebook. Now she is finding family members still that share the same last name as if they are still her do I deal with this. I think she is slowly trying to find a way back in. No way this will end good.

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May 27

Late to the conversation but I just wanted to add my support. This is a tough situation to work through but it seems that if you are willing to invest in the work, it can work out. Do you feel like your husband wants it to work out? Have you asked him or does he communicate that he is still committed to your relationship?

May 28

Oh my goodness! His family! They should cut ties with her! She cheated on him and they are still in contact with her? That's bizarre! Does your husband know how you feel? I agree with Scat about your husband needs to stand up for you and maybe get some distance between them and the two of you but that could be hard and it is hard for someone sometimes to stand up to their family but that's what needs to happen. He needs to be a man and put his wife first with my current partner but not my ex. I didn't believe in her and knew my family had my best interest at heart. I was correct, she's my ex as I said. I only mention this because if he won't put you first and put his foot down in some way with his family then I think that you should think long and hard about why he won't.

May 31

It sounds like a difficult situation, but one that can be worked through. Have you thought about counseling and also setting boundaries with his family?


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