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Such a surreal point in time. Yesterday, my 10 year old com

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Such a surreal point in time. Yesterday, my 10 year old comes down and says "Mommy, so we are quarantining because there is a virus and look outside, it looks like the apocalypse. I think the zombie apocalypse is coming and I'm ready." At this point, nothing would surprise me.

January - learned husband was cheating on me
February - learned husband had been cheating on me for 6 years!
March/April - coronavirus hits, trip to Italy and trip to Ethiopia canceled, school/work go remote
May - learned that daughter tried to kill herself after reading messages between her dad and other women (this occurred in January, unbeknownst to me)
June - tell husband I want a divorce / break ankle
July - finally file for divorce
August - BLM protests / Patriot Prayer counter protests continue nearby create crazy national news (overblown Portland isn't burning down), but do result in multiple deaths. Total insane nonsense by husband as it relates to his dating life and my children.
September - wildfires hit Oregon and Washington so everything is filled with smoke so bad that we aren't supposed to go outside. Communities all around me are evacuating. Whole towns are burning up.

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Sep 13

Friday I woke up to a burst pipe in the wall. Called the plumber (a woman was dispatched). Finally fixed at 8pm. Husband is gone helping one of his girlfriends move. While he's been gone I've gone to Home Depot, fixed the sheathing that was cut, installed the insulation, cut and installed the drywall, taped the seams and got the first layer of mud on. Off to the store to buy spray texture.

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Sep 12

@Kyleah wow that is amazing.

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Sep 16

Am I wrong for kind of preferring a " zombie apocalypse " to being married again? Praying for you all on the west coast. I hope 2021 will bring lots of good things.


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