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Okay quick question for everyone. Stbx and I are 100% finish

Okay quick question for everyone. Stbx and I are 100% finished due to her cheating. I met an amazing woman in the similar situation. My mess started in March, hers pretty much started in May. Neither of us have filed for divorce yet but we most definitely will. There's a pretty good distance between us but we have met and had the best time. I am in love with her. We've discussed how crazy our situation is and we both know how abnormal it is. What would you guys do? I think just because it's strange timing doesn't mean I should discount my feelings for her.

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IfeelFreeNow's picture
Aug 8

Absolutely. Every single detail is discussed about every scenario. Reminds me a bit of Dr. Strange trying to see different outcomes. We are being extremely open and honest with each other and if it doesn't work out it was not due to cheating and/or lies. The hook up line wasn't aimed at you, I believe someone else was implying her and I were merely hooking up. That would be crazy. If I wanted a hook up it'd be local, not in another state.

mmadwaite's picture
Aug 11

@Almost.There I totally agree with you. True love is something that grows over time.

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Aug 11

Personally, whether it's true love, or just fun, I wish you both the best. As long as no one is being hurt or deceived, you. both deserve happiness. All of us on here have been to hell and back, we all deserve some happiness instead of depression and stress.

The only reason I chimed in was, how recent both of you found out. Hell, I was a mess and still processing things back in 2017, my dday was January of 2016. When I read that both of you just found out in the last couple of months.....I Don't know. Everyone is different, but it took me a year, year and a half just to get my bearings.

Have fun bud


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