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Its going to be a rough weekend. I am going to a scrapbookin

Its going to be a rough weekend. I am going to a scrapbooking crop Sat and I have decided I will work on all the photos that we took while H and I were trying to reconcile. So my 50th birthday, our trip and Mother's Day. I know its going to be incredibly hard and painful but they are the last of the photos of us together and I want to get them done. I will have good friends who will be there for me when I start to break. I just wish that I wasn't so anal about doing them but I am.

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22 hours ago

**** Maine, my heart goes out to you...put all your love into your kids/grandbaby(s)...they will be there for you! As far as your STBXW, punt her to the curb! Tell her to have her ole HS buddy take care of her...btw, what happened to the married man she was sleeping with? Maybe his wife should know... :)

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6 hours ago

@flowergirl75 it’s very therapeutic. It emotionally draining at times but I love it.

4 hours ago

I'm thinking it could be a healing moment for you, very dramatic, epic. Yes, there will be cleansing and healing tears. It's okay, like a sort of funeral for letting go of your marriage.


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