It is completely baffling to me how we have gone from a stro

It is completely baffling to me how we have gone from a strong happy family to this. I will never understand what drove him to cheat. And the only answer he can give me is she is nice and I am a warden. Of coarse its easy for her to be nice for an hour or two a day with no responsibility for work, kids or just life. He continues to tell me he loves me and how its hard not to kiss me when he leaves but wants the divorce. He also has said he's not sure he will be happy after its done. I do not understand and never will. He is making it difficult to sell our house and is not helping very much. Today he left to "run errands" that was almost 6 hours ago. Is this what a mid-life crisis looks like? ERRRRR!!!!

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Yep. it's easy to be happy with someone when you have no "real-world" responsibilities with them. it's all an illusion. Sadly, when all is said and done, he will realize the huge mistake he has made, meanwhile, he has caused hurt and damage that can never fully be undone.

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Jul 23

@eddie1975 yup!

Jul 31

There is so much going on in the world that it is hard to say why anyone does anything they do anymore. Cheating seems to be a common practice with most men out there. Not all, but a lot of them. It is just horrible how things are right now.


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