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It has been a long time since I have posted anything on here

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on here. First I would like to thank everyone for the support you offered as I went through the most traumatic experience of my life. I fought to make things work with my ex for about a year before giving in to the fact that she wanted nothing to do with our marriage. The divorce was finalized last August. honestly I'm ok with that at this point in my life. She has proven over and over that she isn't the person I thought she was. But what has brought me back here is that I am now in a new relationship and I am really struggling with the wounds that are left from my ex. When she cheated she blamed me for all of it, which I know is a lie, but she also made sure to belittle me in every way possible and tell me how much better the other man is than me. Now I am in a great relationship with a woman who is supportive, loving, and wants me to be the best version of myself. But there are times that trigger the things my ex said to me to pop up in my head and I completely shut down and just want to run away. To me this is completely unfair to my new girlfriend. she is supportive and wants to help me through this but I feel like that just isn't acceptable. I guess what I'm looking for here is some advice on how to cope with the emotional scars that are left from our ex's so we don't take it out on people in the future.

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Jun 12

@MrBrains Actually I don't see relationships working well at all...just read all of the blogs!

Jun 14

I broke up with a women. She told me a lot of things that were not true. I too struggled with getting the lies out of my mind. In my current relationship with my wife - the old lies sometimes surface - but I look at them as a challenge to be my personal best - thereby defeating the lies. It doesn't work every time but I am gaining on it. Someone told me to remember that "we are wounded by some people and healed by other people". I see my wife as the "healing" type. Good luck in your healing!

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Jun 14

@Ellen4550 ☹️


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