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Irs been almost a month I’m talking to this guy. We spent

Irs been almost a month I’m talking to this guy. We spent last weekend together. We enjoyed ourselves. I’m on panic mode. I’m so scared as I’ve developed feelings for him. We text all day, he will call me, I will call him. We FaceTime, he makes me stay with him in the line till one of us falls asleep n the other hangs up. But why am I so scared. Last night I couldn’t sleep, I played music To make my brain stop. This morning I’m still feeling the same way. The first thing he does in the morning is text me, if I don’t get up earlier than him n text him. Yesterday we didn’t talk at all just a few text here n there. I called him twice and no answer so I tried blocking him out the rest of the night. We have had this routine since day one and after our weekend together I’ve notice some changes. Maybe I’m freaking out cause I haven’t spoken to him n I’m used to it. I don’t know help me please . This is not fun.

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Dec 7

B0nyta This relationship moved too fast. Even if you were/are great for each other, there is no way it would have kept up at this pace. It would have had to slow down sooner or later. It just doesn't sound emotionally healthy to me. Keeping you on the line like that seems controlling. If you truly like him and think he has good qualities, I'd relax and take a step back. If he is really a nice guy and likes you, he will text or call.

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15 hours ago

@B0nyta Good for you. I would take my time and get to know this person. Just because he's somebody, doesn't mean he's Mr. RIGHT!

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7 hours ago

@mmadwaite I agree and I am. I can admit I loved how I was feeling n got too clingy too quick. Giving him the upper hand but I’m falling back a lil. If it’s meant to be it will. I’m one that gets lost trying to be there for everyone so I’m on with my prior plans to take my dec vacation n let it sail


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