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I have found someone and I’m enjoying every God waken mome

I have found someone and I’m enjoying every God waken moment with him. I’m going with the flow. I’m actually making future plans with him. Something I haven’t done with anyone. But why is my XH so annoying he has tried every way to catch my attention. I’m very annoyed With his persistence. I mentioned it to my new love but I don’t want to make a deal about so he doesn’t think I’m trouble in some way. I do not want to keep it from him cause than he will feel some type of way.

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Morningview's picture
Nov 19

@outoftheblue72 It's alright to feel sorry for someone that you cared about and loved for all those years, but the burden of making sure he's OK after the divorce is no longer on your shoulders. It sounds like he wants the ideal world where he gets to leave you but you still do things for him that make him happy. I get the feeling, but it's only going to delay your own personal healing.

Nov 19

@Morningview I know you're right. It's just a hard thing to shake...feeling responsible for him.

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Nov 20

I haven’t replied to any of his attempts. Me thinking that it was ok to entertain the situation but now that I have found someone, I don’t want anything to tarnish what we are starting to build so hopefully he gets the message.


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