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How do you not blame yourself when your h is having an affai


How do you not blame yourself when your h is having an affair and has chosen her over you and your kids? 9 months and I filed for divorce last Friday. I’m having filing remorse and fear and hate. He blames me he says if I would have made him happy he wouldn’t have cheated. How do you get past this????

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Spring68's picture
Jul 14

No. After 16 years of narc abuse, repeated cheating, he actually wanted the divorce...because he "didn't know who I was anymore." During his notice of divorce, he cited my changing of professions, which meant I would not be working for him anymore, a mommy make-over after 5 kids (2 with him), and decisions I had to make about my own business which I didn't get permission from him to make. LONG story short, the cheating was just one part of it all. It was a long vicious roller coaster that almost cost me my life...AND THAT IS NO EXAGGERATION! I wish you the best, strength, and peace during your difficult decisions. Consider yourself first and foremost.

Jul 14

In Australia were I am from every week a women is killed by someone that they love that's so heavy.I wonder how many aired damage in a miriad of other way s that you don't hear about.

Marathemoabite's picture
Jul 14

Nobody is responsible for someone’s else’s happiness. If he wasn’t happy before he married then he shouldn’t have. He sounds like a punk blaming everyone else instead of accepting responsibility for his own punk azz actions. My H doesn’t make me happy but guess what....I’m not banging anyone bc of it.


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