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How do you not blame yourself when your h is having an affai


How do you not blame yourself when your h is having an affair and has chosen her over you and your kids? 9 months and I filed for divorce last Friday. I’m having filing remorse and fear and hate. He blames me he says if I would have made him happy he wouldn’t have cheated. How do you get past this????

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Marathemoabite's picture
Jul 14

Nobody is responsible for someone’s else’s happiness. If he wasn’t happy before he married then he shouldn’t have. He sounds like a punk blaming everyone else instead of accepting responsibility for his own punk azz actions. My H doesn’t make me happy but guess what....I’m not banging anyone bc of it.

Jul 18

He wants you to feel guilty for his choices. He wants you depressed, miserable and sad to keep your thoughts on him. Do not allow his misery to be your downfall. He made a choice and with you filing for divorce makes him look bad for the choice he made.

Get into a divorce support group that meets in your area. You will discover a whole new world and a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Jul 18

@Hernameisme WELL SAID! :)


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