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Hello mt marriage is so broken and i feel so stuck in it. I

Hello mt marriage is so broken and i feel so stuck in it. I cant get myself to leave him. We sleep separately and hardly speak. Im so sad and lonely.

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May 29

Both are exhausting,staying and living that way and leaving. It will all work out of the best. How God wants.

May 29

@Hopingtomeetpeoplelikeme trust me when i say it goes through my head on a daily. It kills me to knpw how weak i feel when it comes to him. I have faith and doubts. I fear leaving my son behind at 14 knowing he would rather stay with his father.


@MichelleMart can you try family counseling and counseling for yourself? If I could waive a wand and do anything for you in this scenario what would you want?! Think about the first answer that came to mind and the answe you went with. You can try to not wonder what if you have tried, but you really need someone trying too. Did someone do something the other can't get passed? I think usually it's over or that person has to make it right. You must have stregnth, maybe you're just afraid to be alone, yet you are already alone if you think about it. Think about the answer you would give to my question if what you would want. Sometimes we work towards what we want without realizing it, so you may be working towards it already.


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