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Good morning. New here and new to the world of divorce and i

Good morning. New here and new to the world of divorce and infidelity. Divorcing after 25 years after finding out wife having affair and wants divorce, no other options, no counseling just done, after 25 years and two kids. Could sure use some help and coping mechanisms here.... I’m utterly devastated

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Kas1966's picture
19 hours ago

@Brian505 I'm going on almost two and its just now starting to get better I'm feeling more and more like my old self but much more wiser. Hang in there better days are coming.

Sdiamond1026's picture
18 hours ago

They get over their guilt faster than you get over the hurt. So they win.

6 hours ago

@Hurtdad each new thing that happened in your life is a major stress event that could effect your mental and physical health, moving, new job, and now a divorce, it's good you are posting here, I had a heart attack when I was younger and believe stress played a big part in it, please take good care of yourself it's good you work out, and post for support, a counselor you trust in real life can help you too!


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