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Funny how now that I filed for divorce it is coming out in t

Funny how now that I filed for divorce it is coming out in town how my husband stepped out on me for years!! So many people knew and now they are saying something about it. That is the problem living in a small town everyone knows everything! Why didn’t any of these people say something years ago??

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Jun 10

@Stronger12 Don't we all!!! Welcome to the club

Jun 12

@Stronger12 Wow! You have a true friend, though anonymous, who pointed you towards something you needed to know, but were not ready to know yet. Wouldn't it be great to find out who that wonderful person is?
Hindsight is always so perfect, so don't beat yourself up for not believing something that hurts - it's normal self protection.

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Jun 12

@Whispering I also though that perhaps it was the OW who sent that letter to move things along faster for them to be together!


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