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The OW tried to call me last night. My husband told me they

The OW tried to call me last night. My husband told me they were arguing and it's almost over between them. Then I happened to check my phone and asked if he knew the number. He said it was her and asked for my phone so he could delete her number. Which I gave him, and he deleted it and blocked the number. But since it's blocked, its saved in my phone so I actually know her number. I'm having all kinds of thoughts about it...but I know in the long run, I don't want to know. We used to be friends (or so I thought) but I don't want any contact with her. ...or do i? (No.) (But....)

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Sep 14, 2018

@Eliza1226 It is not an impossible situation, either he chooses you or not. Why in the world it is more important how this woman feels than his own wife? He is just getting the last candy of his nasty little adventure before he goes back to his marriage. He is not putting you first, he is playing. Set a timeline. If he is not done with her by sunday, no reconciliation. A real man would have stand up and man up to his wife. He is not thinking about you seriously and you should stop letting him treat you like this.

Sep 14, 2018

It is funny he is now worried about peoples feelings, maybe he should have thought about yours before he started all this! You don't have to be reasonable!!!!! But leave it before you make contact

Sep 14, 2018

@camelia I told him he has a month for his 'process' and after a month he either needs to have no contact or leave. He has less than 3 weeks left. But he keeps making plans and planning our future, like he wants to take a weekend trip to Reno at the end of Oct. He says he just needs to shake off this b.s. he got himself into. It's just really really rough.


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