We all spend a lot of time venting and talking about what we

We all spend a lot of time venting and talking about what we have been through. Which is great, it is hard to find a place to release what we think and feel.

Today I want to ask everyone what have you learned and what will you never accept in the future after what you have been through.

For me I will no longer accept or accommodate people in my life who are not 100% invested in staying in my life. Yes when you start dating you are not getting married, but you should also not have one foot out the door.

Don’t want to participate in a family function, that is fine, bye, next.
Not sure what you want, that is fine, it is obviously not me then.
I ask you nicely to not do something that drives me nuts, and you insist on pissing me off and gas lighting me because I am mad, GTFO, the door is right there.
You make a mistake or hurt my feelings and when I cry tell me I am “manipulating you” Bbubububy.
You try to diminish me to make yourself feel better, hell no. I have no time for that.
Want to bully or nag my daughter, I know where to hide the body.
Don’t want to have a weekly date night? Sorry I did not realize you were stupid, next.

So what is it for the rest of you?

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Feb 18

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Feb 18

@d03062 Well stated.

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Feb 18

@TwennaClyton SPAM Twenna, this is a support group. This post is soliciting.


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