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Unscientific survey here. I don’t like to use the word ha


Unscientific survey here. I don’t like to use the word hate, so let’s use really dislike. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you really dislike your cheating spouse. I don’t seem to move off of 10. Please also disclose your status, I am divorced from cheating ex wife

Thank you

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Aug 27

@Bop, an STD sounds like black and white, cold clinical evidence in my book.

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Aug 27

As a moderator, someone pointed out to me that this post now has over 100 comments. Please start a new thread to continue the conversation, it looks like a good one!

Aug 27

@Michael72 I knew what he was doing because I would go through his phone ( A big red flag). Everything he did ,he accused me of doing. I didn't need to go through his phone anymore. When the accusations flew I knew he was at it again, yet I stayed. Don't get me wrong, I never gave up my life or my home to be with him like he wanted. NO way! I knew there was something wrong with him, but there was something wrong with me too. Some reason I felt I needed to be beat down and still try to prove I was worthy. Once I read about narcissists (because who knew it was a thing!!) I realized I was trying to still win my father's approval. Now I know I don't need anyone's approval, just mine and the good Lord's. I hope you are able to find peace. It is still difficult some days, but most of the time I feel the load is getting much lighter and I am happier.


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