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Saturday night question: After your divorce is final; do yo


Saturday night question:
After your divorce is final; do you think you will have a divorce party??? I’ve heard this is a new thing and I have a friend who has offered to plan it for me. I’m not really sure what to think about it. I think I would like to go out a few drinks after it’s final; but an organized party feels weird; awkward. Interested to hear what others think

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Jun 27

Torch, when my divorce was final the last thing on my mind was celebrating. I cried when my attorney congratulated me on being divorced. I know not all people feel this way. You do what you feel comfortable doing. If your divorce was a triumph for you, by all means celebrate! If you are sad, let yourself feel it and have a pity party for awhile. Either way, you're going to eventually pick yourself up and carry on. I would advise you to take a "vacation" from "romance", however. Give yourself a year to reflect, plan, and grow as a person before throwing yourself into the dating pit again. Your future relationships will benefit from it. Good luck.

Jun 27

@Michael72, well, having cancer, I vote you son of the year, forever.

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Jun 27

@Michael72 I am sooooo sorry that you had that to deal with. There are not many people that will take family members in when they are sick, you were very kind to do that . Tell you what,,you get the card for her and we will ALL sign it. There is a loving woman that will be lucky to have you, so please don't think we women are all like that..we aren't.


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