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It’s the weekend- amen! Here’s a lighter post - what is


It’s the weekend- amen! Here’s a lighter post - what is your go to song that is helping you get through this awful experience- divorce, cheating spouse, narcissist recovery, etc. my go to song is Tom Petty “Learning to Fly”. What is your song???

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Jun 21

@c0nfused1985 I can completely relate. It took me sometime as well too. I was not able to even listen to any music at all much less play an instrument. But as time progressed it eased back into it. I get the correlation and why it is so hard, I am the same way with a lot of things. There are still some things I cannot bring myself to use or even look at.

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Jun 21

@jim111 Oh that is good to know ...How are you doing Jim ?

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Jun 21

@CN75 good luck to you man. Music is awesome. I hope to be able to testify sooner rather than later that I'm back on my feet doing what I enjoy most.


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