I’m divorced and have 50-50 parenting agreement, so I stil


I’m divorced and have 50-50 parenting agreement, so I still have to interact with my ex.
My ex is still with her affair partner. Our kids do not know; At least I’ve never told them about their mom’s actions. However she is now introducing this guy into the kids life. Question is anyone else in this situation?
I don’t want to get back with my ex at all. But I struggle with her still being in that relationship. Her actions in continuing that relationship says to me that she thinks she did nothing wrong. She never really apologized for all the hell she put my through; so I’ve had to recover and heal on my own.
Anyone else dealing with something similar?

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Mar 8

Totally agree they make up a fantasy reality; because they can’t handle the truth
Good point thank you!

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Mar 9

It’s sucks how people will do things n feel they never did anything wrong. Is your ex narcissist? That explains the no apology thing. I’ve been let down n betrayed by so many people I feel like it doesn’t even bother me as much now. I’ve just accepted most people have issues. The forgiveness is for you n for you to be happy. I remember years ago writing letters to my ex fiancée expecting an apology. The response from him was silence. He wouldn’t even acknowledge anything I wrote him. Now, I learned if someone isn’t giving n taking equally don’t bother giving your all. Save your love for someone who will appreciate it, who deserves it n most importantly will return it. Falling for selfish a*** is a torment. It takes while to get over. I’m trying my best not to put too much time into the same type of person. I do feel eventually your ex wife n this new guy probably won’t last or be happy. Do you see counselor for all this or thought about going to one? That could help process n help heal. Hope you come to forgiveness soon for yourself n feel much happier in life!

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Mar 11

@Foundlove thank you for your kind words. Therapy didn’t quite take for me. Yes 100% my ex was a narcissist; I wish I saw that earlier! Ya live and ya learn I guess


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