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I’m 3 months post divorce. Still feel like I’m differen


I’m 3 months post divorce. Still feel like I’m different from everyone else; almost like I have a scarlet D on my chest, anyone else feel this way?

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Nov 22

I'm so afraid of living alone, I don't have the courage to leave...even though I know it's right. Your strong, how did you draw in the courage to leave?

Nov 22

@Ellen4550 I can really identify with that to all you guys are saying here. I'm still holding out right now for hope. But husband is dating another which I feel is out of spite perhaps,.... but I'm like, you've got four kids... just come home and figure this out with me. It's been two years... he's still on divorce path.. ? what am I doing with still trying to figure this out?

Nov 23

@Seastar6 it is very hard to let go. However, at some point you have to move forward, and unfortunately it might be without him. In spite of everything my ex husband did I resisted the divorce....slowly I started seeing that it was truly the best thing for my soul...I hadn’t been living. Wayward spouses do not see clearly as I’m sure you have figured out....will they ever come to their senses? That is not for us to figure out I guess..I hope you gain enough courage to move forward, for yourself, for your children.


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