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Having a hard time today. Stress of the financials of divor


Having a hard time today. Stress of the financials of divorce hitting me. Also still a few weeks until my cheating wife moves out. She continues her affair. I believe that I will be happier some day when I am past this whole mess; but getting there is pure hell. Does anyone have any success stories or words of wisdom- sure could use them- thank you

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Oct 2

@Echo80 I am so working on things and I am making it look like I'm doing it for him. So he is not suspicious.

Oct 4

@Doesitmatter01 Brilliant! Catering to their ego.

Oct 6

@Doesitmatter01 I did that and was successful leaving, however, he enjoys throwing in the dig that he struggled to pay the bills and put food on the table yet I was saving money and conspiring my departure. He called me selfish. Can’t win, but I am still glad I did it. You can too!


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