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Divorcing a covert narcissist is a miserable experience. Tr


Divorcing a covert narcissist is a miserable experience. Tried for 1.5 hours to negotiate parenting allocation - minus the attorneys; so we could try and save some money- it went nowhere. In short, I’m offering to buy her out of the house; she would get about $75K; I’m not fighting her getting half my pension. However she wants to be bought out and still be able to come daily and stay here every other weekend. I would have to leave. I keep telling her this not acceptable to me. I feel like it is her attempt to stay in my life and try and have me around to abuse and get supply. I just want to be away from her. I want her to get her own place and then we can share time with the kids. She moved out a few months ago and lives in a studio apartment so the kids can’t stay with her.
Am I nuts or unreasonable? I just want to move out and have minimal contact with her. She is fighting this. My attorney says that my STBX is being unreasonable- would br interested to hear what others think? For context my STBX is about 18 months into an affair she won’t end, she told me in Feb 2018 she no longer wants to be married to me. Thank you

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Feb 12

@mmadwaite A nymphomaniac has an excessive desire for sex. It's basically the same as hypersexual. I've read in many different places that hypersensitivity and hypersexuality go hand in hand. If your narc is hypersensitive, there's a very very real chance they are hypersexual as well. However, they may or may not hide it from their spouse....they are often vanilla sexually with their spouse to appear "normal".....but they are often completely different with whoever their cheating with.

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Feb 12

Sorry but use an attorney even though it costs. There is no negotiating with a narcissist, and they will tell you whatever you want to hear in the moment. I got completely screwed in my divorce because I am a nice person.

Feb 12

@CL061 I couldn’t agree more


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