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Being told "I've fallen out of love with you" stings so much

Being told "I've fallen out of love with you" stings so much more than I thought it would. It doesn't help that I've comparing myself to the OW. Maybe he doesn't love me anymore because she is prettier, skinnier, or younger than me. I know that I should not be thinking like this but it is so amazing hard not to.

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Jul 11

@eddie1975, she shoulda said, "I love myself too," because that's all she knows, eddie, herself, the old man, old sin nature, the self we're supposed to die to when we lay our lives down at the cross, take up the cross and follow Jesus.

Hurtafter20years's picture
Jul 11

@devastatedinptbo Your right I need to pull back and stop trying to be there are smother her.

Jul 12

I struggle with thinking about all of the OW.


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