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As of 10:00 I am officially divorced. Very surreal experien


As of 10:00 I am officially divorced. Very surreal experience, just don’t know what to think or feel right now. Just feel really numb right now

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Aug 13

@Lethergo2 i can totally relate. I answered a hoover 2 years ago and have been kinda re-dating the narc. I say kinda because after spending time with him i have zero doubts that he is a narc. I honestly dont even want to be in a relationship with him. Some days we have so much fun together, and then the next moment hes caught in a stupid lie (something as stupid as buying a new car, or attending a family function). I know i need to get away from him and stop this charade. I havent forgotten the bad stuff its always on my mind. I havent forgotten how he walked away from me after he financially depleted me to go back home to his ex wife. How he forced me to move out of our brand new house we spent so much time and money renovating ( he and she stalked me until i left). I havent forgotten any of this. I originally answered the Hoover to see if he could have really changed and to make sure he was indeed a narc ( little did i know then was it doesnt matter if he can change or what he is, abuse is abuse and shouldnt be accepted). Now i realize just how much i actually dont like him, but ive gotten myself stuck. When i first left he had no idea where i was, but since i answered the hoover he refuses to let me go ( even though he is in a full blown relationship he refuses to let me be happy). I absolutely did this to myself, but i thought maybe just maybe all those good times couldnt be a lie. I think this is one of the most sickening aspects of their illness, that they can pretend for so long and so well.

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Aug 13

Congrats Torch!!! I am so happy for you! You are free.

Aug 13

@torch1976, yes, I felt numb with my divorce. it takes a little getting used to it. Focus on your strengths and believe in yourself. one step at a time, one day at a time. time to start fresh with a new you... let us know how you are doing. hugs


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